Benefits and drawbacks of using SEO

Like most decisions we face every day, there are tradeoffs. What do we stand to gain v what do we stand to lose. Using SEO is no different here are some advantages and disadvantages of using SEO and a good seo company, knows that.

Advantages of SEO

High quality traffic: using SEO may result in high quality traffic heading to your website. High quality traffic differentiates from regular traffic in the sense that high quality traffic are looking for the services or goods you are offering as opposed to visiting your site by mistake. It could also be free traffic if the SEO is in-house and not pay-per-click (PPC).

Business growth: a successful SEO campaign will result in business growth due to the high quality traffic heading towards your site, with a significant number of them being repeat customers and seo company, will help you with that.

Increased visibility: a successful campaign will see your company getting more attention as search results will have them appearing close to the top. Even if the potential customer does not click on your website’s link the first time, a repeated query will eventually get the consumer’s attention.

Brand recognition: the repeated appearance of your website will result in your brand being recognizable. This recognition will build trust with the consumer as appearing often will give the impression of a trusted brand.

Increased ROI: a successful SEO campaign will result in an increase in the returns, as the high quality traffic to the site will result in more business, which will exceed the investment made in the SEO in geometric proportions.

Disadvantages of SEO

Results take time: the results usually take time as it involves indexing by search engines. It is not a quick fix, so if you need quick results or lack patience, it may not be the right fit for you.

Uncontrollable growth: if the campaign is very successful, it may cross into the realm of too successful. This may result in traffic your site cannot handle or orders they cannot satisfy. Either way, this will result in customers being upset with the service, resulting in them stopping their visits and even leaving bad reviews, which may take your site a while to recover from. You have to make sure you have the structure and personnel in place to deal with such outcomes.

Increased competition: a successful campaign will result in increased visibility. This increased visibility is not limited to consumers, rival businesses will also be aware and as a result, will step up their game. This result in them also investing in SEO and other forms of marketing, which will only drive costs up as you will try to outdo each other.

Black-hat agencies: an unsuspecting company can come across a black hat agency, one that uses unethical means to ensure results. They usually have good results at first, but your site will eventually be flagged by search engines, which will result in pushing your site’s ranking down and a good seo company, will never do this.

No guarantees: as with other business projects, there are no guarantees of great results. You cannot expect to be ranked number 1 anytime soon if at all as the competition may be stiff and your budget not large enough.

Well, the above are just some pros and cons of SEOs. It is up to you to determine what fits the needs of your business.

It’s actually a whole set of actions and activities that run on both the side of the page (on page optimization) and outside it. Therefore, it can be divided into optimization on the pages of the site, outside it and optimization. When the job of customizing a site for search engines on the pages itself ends, another job starts (off page optimization). This part of the job sessions can last for ever. It’s part of the job where webmasters (or SEO experts) are trying to get as many links to the site as possible. Ideally, they would get as many links from sites, blogs and directories with relevant topics and content.

The third part would be maintenance of optimization and site tracking, visit statistics, competition analysis. SEO can be compared with sports. If an athlete ceases to train for two or three months, when he returns, he will need time to reach the form he has. As Google and other search engines constantly change their algorithms, it is necessary to constantly monitor the latest trends that Internet browsers dictate to succeed in SEO site optimization. Maintaining optimization is as important as the first two items. In fact, all three are equally important. So get your website ready for seo and do well and get more traffic and more customers and also make more money.

Why you should get an electric mixer

There are some important devices that are very useful in the kitchen and some of these devices are so useful that one cannot do without them; one of them is the electric kitchen mixer. The electric kitchen mixer is useful in making numerous works done in the kitchen. Having the electric cooker will ease stress during cooking because one will not have to consider making use of the hand in mixing during the preparation of some common foods.

Affordability:- considering the price of an electric mixer to what it does, one can say that it is one of the cheapest but useful devices in the market as this device helps a lot in the kitchen in preparing some food products. One does not need to worry about the price because there are different types of the mixer with each been sold at an affordable price.

Space: – one of the good features of an electric mixer is that it is very portable and does not require a large space when putting in the kitchen. Considering the space to keep the device might be a problem but the good news is that an electric mixer is so potable that it will fit a very small space in the kitchen.

Functionality:- if you are looking for a multi-purpose kitchen device then choose the electric mixer as it can be used for a lot of works some of which are, making the dough, mixing fruit, crushing potatoes and many more. All this that may need other devices for them to be carried or all can be done using the electric mixer.

Easy to use:- using the electric mixer does not really require reading the product manual as it is very straightforward to use although it is always advisable to read the manual to prevent damage and misuse of the device. Fixing of the electric mixer before use is very easy as it does not require so much technical know now. It is very easy to fix and use and it is always easy to control during usage.

Taking care of the electric mixer

It is very important to take care of the device so as to make it last. There are many ways to doing this although most people do overlook most of the practices by that leading to the breakage of the device. To take care of the electric mixer, it is so essential to follow the following precautions;

Reading the manual:- some may think it is not necessary to go through the manual since the electric mixer is very easy to setup and use but that is not true because for an efficient usage of the device it requires more knowledge and this can only be achieved by reading every part of the manual and understanding every bit as this will help in making the device last. By reading the manual, small mistakes can be prevented as there are instructions and if followed can help prevent the small mistakes.

Understanding the components:- electric mixer always comes with a series of attachments for different functions, so it is very important to understand what each attachment is used for, to prevent damage of the device. Furthermore, considering the following is very essential;

  • During preparation, one should use the right attachment with the right ingredient as failing to do this can be very dangerous. This may lead to the breakage of the attachment and it may finally damage the whole device.
  • It is very crucial to press the control button if there is any obstruction in the movement of the attachment as this may lead to the breakage and damage of the device as well.

Electricity control:- buyers should always prevent any damage that may come as a result of electricity and this can be prevented by unplugging the electric mixer whenever it is not in use or whenever there is need to change the blade. Although all this can be found in the manual and that is why it is advisable to study the manual before any use. Also, one should always consider the voltage that is been recommended for the electric mixer.

Managing the speed:- managing the speed will make the device last as it is well known that playing with the speed can damage the machine so it is advisable to always put the speed at zero whenever there is need for fixing the blade and always put it in might that it is very important to start and stop mixing at the speed point of zero to prevent accident and damage of the electric mixer. Also, the operator should always go up a level at a time as this will aid the best consistency in mixing ingredients.

Other useful practices:- there are other useful practices that will help in taking care of the electric mixer such practices are

  • Avoiding water from getting to the plug, cord and the control buttons as result show that water is one of the top causes of damage to kitchen appliances.
  • Storing the mixer in the right way such as storing it in a cool and dry place. Also, the mixer must be clean after each use.
  • Using a large mixing bowl for a bulky ingredient as this will aid easy mixing and make mixing fast.

Getting an electric mixer is not a bad idea at all as it is a very useful and must have electronic device that will reduce the stress of mixing which is one of the steps in making some food done. The mixer is good for other uses apart from the mixing which makes it a very good device to possess especially for chefs that wants an easy job. Furthermore, there are different brands of an electric mixer and each brand always makes sure that its product has the best features that will serve customers the best they may ever desire from the electric mixer and visiting websites like Keuzehelper can be so helpful in getting more information about the electric mixer.

Fast internet connection for streaming HD movies


We all want fast internet connection experience despite what we are watching online. A buffering internet experience is the last thing on any user’s mind looking forward to an awesome online entertainment of videos files streaming. Some users would be willing to give anything to not just experience slow and unresponsive internet connection. Others would rather not watch anything at all but not endure slow internet torture.

When it comes to internet and streaming videos speeds, most movie sites such as and many more give a number of different suggestions showing how fast your internet download speed should be in order to stream high definition (HD) videos.

Internet speed relation to HD movies streaming

You may ask, what is the correct speed when it comes to HD video streaming? Or what is HD even to start with? What it means for a video to be HD (high definition) is that every single picture or image in your computer or TV screen has at least 720 lines of pixels that make up the image from top to the bottom. The upper lines of pixels for a HD image are 1080. That means that more lines of pixels crammed into the same physical space result to a more detailed image that you happen to see on the screen of your device.

What happens when the pictures start moving is that the speed at which the lines of pixels change between pictures determines whether you can be able to watch the video in high definition.

Factors that determine the possibility of viewing videos in HD

The following are a number of factors that determine the ability of viewing videos in high definition.

  • The device that you are using to view the videos. Whether you are using a mobile phone, a computer or a smart plasma TV screen to stream the videos, they should have capabilities of viewing HD videos. Your devices should therefore be the first things to check to determine if their specifications can handle continuous scan speeds of 720p which happens to be the least and the common rate for any video that qualifies to be HD. So next time you are struggling to watch that movie in HD and it is not working despite the site assuring you that they are of HD quality, it might be your device that is not cooperating.
  • The site you are using for streaming services. So now your device is HD compatible, what about the site you are streaming your videos from? You should check if the site is really streaming videos in HD or it is just stunts to get viewers traffic on the site for revenue benefits. This is usually the case in many illegal sites that do not necessarily get money from streaming videos but rather use videos as a trick to get viewers on the site. That does not mean that there are no legit sites with real HD quality videos experience. They mostly have different scan rates of 360p and 480p for most videos, and then the HD option.
  • Your internet connection. With all the above factors having been met, poor and unstable internet connection will be a letdown to your HD streaming experience. You should therefore ensure that your streaming session is accompanied with strong internet connection of high speeds and you will not be disappointed throughout the watching session. We shall look more into how much speed and bandwidth you may need for HD videos streaming.

Internet speed and bandwidth necessary for HD video streaming

Let me start by saying that when it comes to internet service providers; you may not always get what you have paid for in terms of internet speed as per their advertisements. For instance, your internet service provider may put you on a plan that suggests speeds of up to 30 Mbps down; when in real sense you are only getting speeds of 20 Mbps.

Some websites however provide free tests for uploads and downloads speed for your internet connection and that way you are able to know at what speed your internet connection is operating at. The plans provided by most ISPs are based on maximum value and browsing results are affected by peak web use times of the ISP, the distance from the fiber pipeline and lastly the number of people who are sharing your line.

Streaming HD videos will require you to have broadband speed that is capable of handling a continuous scan rate of 720p. With a HD capable screen refreshing the screen 60 times per second, video frames are received and are ready to play before they are even needed. All the incoming data is cached by your computer and video frames are queued for a smooth playback.

The size of the video file determines the speeds you will need in order to view it in HD and that depends on how the file is encoded. For instance if you are streaming a one hour long video and the file size is 6 GB, you can manage with a broadband connection of up to 15 Mbps for HD quality viewing. At times it could be that you are streaming your videos over the wireless network commonly referred to as Wi-Fi and what happens most of the times is that with a wireless router, the speed connection could drop in case the Wi-Fi standard is not fast enough.

In conclusion, for anything you do over your internet connection, you should be aware that your Internet Service Provider will slow down or even stop your service if you happen to get to a certain bandwidth. With that revelation, you can choose to stream with lower playback quality which is an option mostly available on most streaming sites such as, so that that way you are able to stay within the bandwidth threshold offered by your internet service provider even if it suggests that you give up the idea of HD video streaming.

Are you looking for the best water softener?

Do you know that there are many models? In such a case, it can be challenging to choose the best water softener. With so many brands and with manufacturers claiming their product to be the best, it remains a challenge to your decision.

It is on this account that we present to you, the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Review.


With the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener, you can eliminate the hard water that causes scale build-up on kitchen utensils. We know the effect if hard water that causes clogged sinks, high usage of soap and stains on clothes. By eliminating hard water, you will extend the life of your machines and plumping network.

The unit comes with high capacity and long life resin, and brine tank. Moreover, it accompanies SXT controller that offers some great features such as backlight LCD, 48-hour internal power backup, touchpad controls and a user-friendly interface fully supported by USB drive and test it. These components are very to connect and make your system work flawlessly.

The Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softeners come with digital enabled control linked to an informative display. It employs a flow meter to regulate the water passed through it. This is very important to save on wastages. To use this system is very simple.

Below are some of its top partaking features.

Top partaking features of Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softeners.

1.    Complete system

Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener is a complete system that comes with a tank, resin, control head and brine tank safety float. These components are enough to make sure that you get the safest water for your home or family

Furthermore, it accompanies a 2-test kit that you use while setting the system for your applications

2.    Metered for efficiency

The Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener accompanies a flow meter that can be used to measure the water flowing through the system. The meter is designed in a paddle wheel style that holds up better and causes less or no leaks when compared to the conventional turbine designs. This can enable you to estimate, plan and control the usage.

3.   Touchpad controls and LCD Digital display

With the LCDs, you will be able to read current system status and error codes for troubleshooting. Furthermore, with the simple to utilize touchpad controls, managing this system will not be a problem. You will quickly access control features and settings.

4.    Bypass valve and 1″ Yoke

Yes, you have been looking for the water softener that is easy to install and here comes one. The Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener accompanies a bypass valve with 1-inch yoke connection for easy in or out connections and serving ability.

5.    Installation

Even if you lack or have the basic plumping skill, installing this unit will not be a challenge. It will only take you something close to 2 hours to get the full system workable.

6.    USB and test kit

The Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener comes with USB drive having Video guide. Moreover, with the test kit, you can set your system and test for workability.

7.    Brine tank

The standard square brine tank that measures 14 by 34 implies you will be able to store water up to 250 lbs.

Pros-what we liked about it

Softens Hard Water – applying an ion exchange method. This softener eliminates the magnesium and calcium that are usually present in hard water.

Simple installation – even if you have basic plumbing skills, installing this system only requires 1-2 hours

High efficiency – comes with a High-efficiency resin and control head that prevents wastage

Very safe – The accompanying safety float takes care of overfilling.

Meter Based Regeneration – This water softener applies a meter based regeneration method. This implies that the water you consume is restrained and the system only regenerates when there is demand.

Cons-why it can suck

  • Not ideal for smaller families
  • Very expensive as it requires the buying of Salt pallets


If you have been looking for a full water softener system, the Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener should be your resting point. With so many advantages that it comes with such as softening hard water that makes you use a lot of soap, clogged sink, kitchen utensils and stains on clothes. Buying Fleck 5600SXT, 48 water softeners will be a good investment.

Why not love hemp?

The variety of products based on cannabis or hemp available in the market is growing. The variety is much appreciated since each of these products caters to different needs. Hemp seed oil, cannabis oil, CBD oil (Cannabidiol) … there are many options that can confuse the average consumer. In this article, we will analyze the differences between hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, and CBD oil. The hemp oil Organic of Canah is an oil hemp seed meeting the certification standards of 100% organic, free of herbicides and pesticides. These seeds are cold-pressed at temperatures below 50º and then filtration methods are used to remove the solids, resulting in a dark green oil with a taste of nuts, more specifically nuts. This is 100% organic Hemp Oil!

Why not love hemp? The possible applications of this green gold seem endless: hemp as a food and nutritional source, hemp for body care, paper, textile, and fabric and hemp rope. Hemp as fuel and as an alternative to petroleum-based plastics, hemp as a construction material and do not forget the medicinal, religious and recreational uses of cannabis. The possible applications of this green gold seem endless: hemp as a food and nutritional source, hemp for body care, paper, textile, fabric and hemp rope. Hemp as fuel and as an alternative to petroleum-based plastics, hemp as a construction material and do not forget the medicinal, religious and recreational uses of cannabis.

Hemp is the only plant that contains all the essential fatty acids and amino acids required by the human body. These essential nutrients affect a wide variety of bodily functions, including metabolism, skin, mood, behaviour, brain and heart. Hemp is rich in nutrients such as omega fatty acids, amino acids and minerals. The hemp plant can be used for 4 important and valuable products. To be specific, find its use in hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, hemp oil and fresh cannabis leaves. Hemp foods are becoming increasingly popular as the public discovers their nutritional benefits and culinary uses

Seeds, Oil and Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp seeds are healthy! It is a super nutritious food, popular among the conscious people who value a healthy and balanced diet. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein, minerals and dietary fibre. They contain approximately 44% of oils and fats (AGE: essential fatty acids), include 33% of protein and dietary fibre and about 12% of carbohydrates. In addition, they have a large number of amino acids. Hemp oil contains less than 10% of saturated fatty acids, which are particularly harmful to the balance of blood cholesterol in the human body. Another reason why professionals and health experts promote 100% organic Hemp Oil!

Hemp seeds can be used to make hemp milk, for example. The benefits of this drink range from improving the health of nails, hair and skin to increase mental abilities, improve heart health and strengthen the body’s immune system. Hemp seeds are also a food supplement for salads and smoothies. The hemp protein powder is made from seeds and is of high quality in terms of amino acid composition. It contains 20 amino acids, of which 8 are indispensable. Hemp seeds are an important source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids, as well as vitamins, minerals and proteins essential for the human diet, so that each time its use in food is greater. The oil extracted from the seeds is oil very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which makes it interesting from the nutritional point of view since diets are increasingly rich in saturated fatty acids so it is intended to reduce its consumption due to its relationship with the increase of cholesterol. Hemp seeds do not contain gluten either.

In the food section of Cannabislandia you will find an extensive list of products made with hemp as is the case of Canah , which since 2007 has offered the customer a wide variety of oils, lotions, flours or bars among others, always thinking about health and taking advantage of all the nutritional benefits offered by cannabis seeds.

100% organic Hemp Oil

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is extracted, as its name suggests, from pressed hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are not psychoactive (4 mg THC / kg), regardless of how they are consumed. Hemp oil is legal in most countries and can be found in supermarkets or grocery stores, along with other types of oil. We press and bottle our hemp oil in small batches. The bottles are rinsed with nitrogen and a film induction seal is added covering the opening of the bottle, which prevents oxygen from entering the oil. Keep in mind that other hemp companies take shortcuts and omit the induction seal. Our customers regularly tell us that Hemp from Nutiva tastes fresher and lighter than other brands of hemp. Compare for yourself.

It is best to keep the hemp oil refrigerated and use it within 8-12 weeks of opening. Since in this way we absorb all the nutrients it contains All of the above helps make hemp oil, which is one of the freshest in the market, but the freshest.

Ingredients: 100% raw organic hemp oil.

All commercial varieties of hemp grown in Canada are strictly regulated and supervised by the federal government, in order to maintain and ensure the genetic identity, and control their levels of tetrahydrocannabinol THC, (the active ingredient in marijuana). Therefore, even when hemp and marijuana belong to the same species, industrial hemp contains only minute amounts of THC, and products made from industrial hemp do not have psychoactive effects of any kind when consumed.

Hemp seed oil

Refined hemp seed oil is generally considered a food, so it is legal in most countries. It is known for its innumerable health benefits, so it is part of the, highly coveted, group of “superfoods.”

  • Rich in proteins
  • Full of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants vitamin E
  • Linoleic acid (affects the ageing of the skin and skin diseases)

It should be noted that the hemp seed oil contains some CBD. However, such a small concentration would only positively affect patients suffering from diseases that are not serious or mild.

Drinking jasmine and its traits

Jasmine, a herb flower plant, is known for its fragrance and the relaxation it promotes. And, drinking herbal jasmine tea can offer a lot of health benefits and aromatherapy. This article from will uncover benefits of jasmine tea that cannot be ignored. Just take a look for drinking jasmine! The jasmine, Jasminum officinale, is a climbing shrub native to Asia, specifically India. Its flower is well known for the pleasant aroma that it gives off, and we can enjoy them in summer and autumn. They are even part of the cuisine of some Asian countries, is widely used to flavour dishes. It is easy to grow as long as you have well-drained soil and is protected from the wind. If we want to reproduce it, we can do it by layering and cuttings.

For medicinal uses, their flowers are used, due to their healing properties by drinking jasmine. Would you like to grow jasmine in your garden or garden? It can be very simple and it is a very pretty plant with a really nice perfume. Common jasmine is native to northern India and Persia and has been introduced in other parts of the world. It is acclimatized in Central and Southern Europe and has been widely cultivated for the perfume industry. It reaches between three and a half and six meters and has leaves composed of dark green, with three pairs of leaflets and a terminal one of larger size. The perfumed white flowers open at dusk and close with the sunrise.

The health benefits of drinking jasmine – Types of jasmine tea Although the most common type of jasmine tea is green jasmine tea, oolong jasmine, jasmine white tea, jasmine and black tea also exist. In several cases, these variations are simply teas flavoured with jasmine, while in other cases, they are much more elaborate mixtures, such as dessert teas. Apart from the type of tea, jasmine tea is classified by the leaves that are used to make them, as well as their forms. Actually, different teas of jasmine are often made with different levels of green tea. And, the best grade is made with a large proportion of tea buds from tea leaves. This has a more delicate flavour, more subtle than the teas made with some shoots and the larger leaves.

Drinking jasmine

  1. Antioxidant properties perhaps, the most praised aspect of jasmine tea is the high antioxidant content in this tasty and delicate drink. Jasmine tea can help in the fight against toxic chemicals such as free radicals, which are released from the molecules in the human body. The condition of excess free radicals in the human body could lead to health problems of inflammation and activation. By using jasmine tea, you could cleanse the free radicals before they could damage your own body. The most notable antioxidants of jasmine are the catechins, which could be beneficial in the prevention of certain serious diseases within the body.
  2. Drinking jasmine improves cardiovascular health for those with a personal or family history of cardiovascular problems; the consumption of jasmine tea could be of great help in preventing other issues. The catechins, as mentioned earlier in this list of health benefits of jasmine tea, may be a key factor in the inhibition of LDL oxidation-which is when the “bad” cholesterol in the arteries becomes inflamed after be oxidized, therefore, jasmine tea can contribute to good cardiovascular health in a variety of ways. It can help keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure low and also prevents oxidative stress. Due to the antioxidants in jasmine tea, consumption of this type of tea has been linked to a lower risk of heart attacks as well as heart disease.
  3. Drinking jasmine relieves stress-The soothing effect of green tea combined with the scent of jasmine will be very beneficial for relieving stress. It could reduce tension and anxiety. Every time you feel stressed or anxious, simply taking a cup of jasmine tea could help you feel relaxed right away. In addition, it could reduce the common symptoms of headaches, pain or muscle aches. The fact is that some studies have shown that the prestige of the great scent of jasmine could decrease the heart rate and give a serene, soothing effect on the senses. According to one study, the five minutes of inhaling the scent of jasmine tea could result in a slower heart rate and calm mood. 4. Reduce the risk of cancer

The fusion of green tea with jasmine flowers is very healthy, have you ever taken it? Take note of 10 of your benefits and if any or several of them come in handy, you know there are mnay benefits of drinking jasmine.

  1. Help to lose weight, because it accelerates the metabolism and has a high content of catechin, an antioxidant that cooperates in the elimination of toxins from the liver.
  2. It reduces cholesterol, protects the heart and prevents cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) since it helps to detach saturated fats from the body avoiding the obstruction of the veins and arteries.
  3. It calms the nerves and reduces anxiety since it reduces the heart rate and produces a calming effect on the central nervous system. Jasmine tea is usually used in people with insomnia problems because it helps regulate serotonin levels in the body.

Related article: 3 plants that reduce anxiety and stress.

  1. It reduces the risk of colon, prostate and breast cancer because, as mentioned above, it is a rich source of antioxidants, which as you know will slow down the appearance of free radicals by preventing mutation of cells.
  2. Jasmine tea is more than recommended for people with type II diabetes, which helps regulate insulin production and blood sugar levels.
  3. Reduces the ageing process of cells.
  4. It has analgesic properties, thanks to its contribution to salicylic acid. For this reason, it is usually recommended for intense headaches or menstrual periods.
  5. It is a powerful aphrodisiac that stimulates the female sexual organs.
  6. Collaborate in the digestive process, since it promotes the production of acids necessary for proper digestion.

Wheatgrass powder: what we have for you!

Wheatgrass can be grown indoors or out. A common method for the production of buds indoors is often in the trays in a growth medium as a mix of pots. The leaves are harvested when they develop a “split” as another leaf emerges. These can then are cut with scissors and allow a second crop of shoots to form. Sometimes a third cut is possible, but it can be stronger and have fewer sugars than the first.  We know that taking liquid chlorophyll freshly extracted is a greater challenge than taking it in powder. This fact leads us to intuit which brings more life to our organism … good always costs a little more. When we talk about freshly extracted liquid chlorophyll, we must bear in mind that here the time between extracting and consuming is very important.

The enzymes are extremely sensitive to heat and oxidation of wheatgrass powder. When you squeeze yourself your wheatgrass you can appreciate the freshness that it gives off. If you leave the glass at rest you will see that after a few hours its color and flavor have changed to worse. It goes from being a vibrant green to a dark, dull one. The idea is to cut it yourself each time you want to take a shot. That is somewhat complicated since each tray is at its optimum about three days.

The most appropriate thing is to cut the grass the day it is at its optimum growth point and store it in a closed container in the fridge, in this way the cold slows down the growth causing it to remain seven to eight days in perfect conditions. It is only necessary to rehydrate it by passing it under the tap and that’s it! Freshly extracted liquid chlorophyll survives!

By consuming wheatgrass powder we inevitably lose the living enzymes!! And these are one of the great benefits of taking wheatgrass! To get to have chlorophyll powder, two processes have had to be carried out, the first one is the extraction of wheatgrass juice to obtain liquid chlorophyll and the second is dehydration, in order to dehydrate a food you have to apply heat and invert time, although the process is a spray drying or spray dryer both factors are critical for the survival of the enzymes.

From wheatgrass powder we bet on the consumption of any product in its liveliest state. We are not at all against the dehydrated; it is a good option when you want to get different textures or flavors of the same product. But if we are looking for a product because of its beneficial properties for the organism, we must make sure to ingest it in the proper way so that we can really obtain these benefits.

A research was conducted with wheatgrass powder. Its pasture requires 200 days of slow growth, through winter and early spring, when it was harvested at the articulation stage. He affirmed that in this stage the plant reached its peak nutritional value; After joint, the concentrations of chlorophyll, proteins, and vitamins decline drastically. The harvested grass was dehydrated and turned into powder and tablets for human and animal consumption. Wheatgrass grown indoors in trays for ten days contains similar nutritional content.

Wheat grown outdoors is harvested, dehydrated at low temperature and sold in tablets and powdered concentrates. Wheatgrass juice powder is also available either spray dried or lyophilized. Unfortunately, wheatgrass juice can be very bitter and retain the harshness of the powder that has led to innovation in the market by launching an effervescent tablet form, improving taste, reducing cost and adding convenience to consumers.

Supporters of wheatgrass powder make many claims for their health properties, ranging from general welfare promotion to cancer prevention. However, according to the American Cancer Society, “available scientific evidence does not support the idea that wheatgrass or wheatgrass diet can cure or prevent disease.” There is limited evidence of beneficial pharmacological effects of chlorophyll, although this does not necessarily apply to dietary chlorophyll.  A small study from 2002 showed some evidence that wheatgrass can help with the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, but without additional work, the importance of this work cannot be determined. Another small study 2002 indicated wheatgrass may help with the side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy

Nutritional content of wheatgrass powder:

Wheatgrass is a good source of potassium, a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), vitamin K, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, iron, zinc, copper , manganese and selenium and has an insignificant amount of protein (less than one gram per 28 grams). Adding other foods with complementary amino acid profiles to this food can produce a complete source of protein and improve the quality of some types of restrictive diets.

Wheatgrass powder proposer Schnabel claimed in the 1940s fifteen “pounds of wheatgrass equals total nutritive value at 350 pounds of ordinary vegetables”, a ratio of 1:23. Despite vitamin and mineral claims disproportionately contained other vegetables, the nutrient content of wheatgrass juice is roughly equivalent to that of common vegetables

Contrary to popular belief, B12 is not contained within the wheat grass or any vegetable; rather it is a by-product of the microorganisms living in plants. Some analysis of B12 contained in wheatgrass has confirmed that it contains insignificant amounts of the compound although the origin of this analysis is still unclear. The USDA Nutrient National Database reports that wheatgrass does not contain any B12 vitamins. Because vitamin B12 is not made by plants, this vitamin would have to be produced by bacteria that are in the preparation.

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All about the wood splitters

Cutting for wood is a technology that allows relatively complex cuts to be made very quickly, something that is not within the reach of most tools available in any carpentry shop. Even if we talk about an artisan capable of doing a very thorough job, if he had to duplicate his work, there would always be small differences, besides that he will have to invest much more time.

A good work table for carpentry should be strong and stable, be able to handle large boards, saw and work without problems or serve as a basis for fixed tools. There are multiple models, wood or metal, which usually have built-in clamping mechanisms to facilitate the work. Some models allow attaching and fixing power tools. The folding benches allow realizing a great part of the functions of fixed benches and can be saved taking up little space. See this guide about wood splitters.

Advantages of cutting:

  • High cutting precision
  • Ability to replicate small pieces without errors.
  • It is not necessary to sharpen or replace blades, saws and other types of cutting tools.
  • No waste is generated such as sawdust or shavings.
  • The safe and reliable tool for splitting firewood effortlessly

Parts of the Smart-Splitter wood splitter with design Cutting wood with an ax can cause back pain and stress in the joints of the elbows and shoulders.  The wood splitter Smart-Splitter has been designed to split wood effectively and easily while being pleasant to use. Do not be fooled by its apparent simplicity! The woodcutter has been designed to effortlessly split logs of all sizes. This splitter is an extremely effective tool that will replace your ax and can even allow your grandmother to cut the wood. For added information this guide about wood splitters.

The advantages of this wood splitter:

Its patented design is part of a tradition of efficiency, reliability, and safety.

  • Security: it is so safe that everyone can use it.
  • Ergonomics: take care of your back and shoulders. Its use provides an excellent physical exercise.
  • Efficiency: it hits the log always in the best place and applies a force of 14 tons on the cutting edge.
  • Economy: it has been designed to last and does not need any specific care.
  • Practical: occupies little space. It is easy to assemble and store.
  • Respect for the environment: The only energy needed is gravity and movement, which is also an excellent exercise for you. In addition to splitting the wood, the Smart-Splitter allows you to cut small pieces of wood for your stove or your fireplace. Check out this guide about wood splitters.

The most powerful woodcutters (but also other materials) that have enthusiasts who do a lot of carpentry work, they are tools highly valued by professionals and very useful for non-professionals provided they have a certain volume of work that can offset the investment in it. They can be transported from one place to another, thanks to their handle. Its operation is based on cutting the pieces of wood that are placed on your work table by lowering the cutting blade until attacking the piece. Their work powers start at 1,200 watts (W) and their revolutions per minute are around 5,000-7,000. The wood splitters use cutting discs that must be chosen according to the material to be worked.

The most important aspects of the miter saw and what distinguishes them from each other are the cutting height and the cutting angle. Look for this guide about wood splitters.

  • Cutting capacity determines the size of the pieces that can be cut to the height and width. The more cutting capacity, the larger pieces can be worked.
  • The cutting angle: is the miter cutting capacity (hence the name); the most typical cut is 45º, but there are machines that allow angles of 47º. Normally, for cutting at an angle, the cutting height is reduced by a few centimeters.

They are composed- see this guide about wood splitters:

  1. Grip-All machines have an ergonomic handle to work comfortably and as safely as possible. The mechanism allows lowering and raising the cutting blade.
  2. Button or arm release lever. To work, in addition to pressing the trigger of the grip, you must operate the button or lever that releases the arm.
  3. Protection cap. The cutting disc is protected by a plastic or light metal casing. There is a fixed housing on the top and another mobile that opens as the disk attacks the wood. When the saw blade is lifted, the cap closes, protecting the disc again.
  4. Top stop. It may or may not be adjustable and is the part against which the pieces rest so that they are firmly supported before making the cut.
  5. Cutting platform- The part where the pieces are supported. It is usually telescopic to facilitate the cutting of large elements. The cutting capacity is established by the capacity of the cutting table.
  6. Cutting disc. As important as the machine, it must be suitable for the material to be cut, the diameter of the machine and be in good conditions of use.
  7. Miter regulation. Device to fix the angle of the miter cut.
  8. Bevel regulation. Most miter saws allow bevel cutting, even while miter cutting.
  9. Extraction of shavings. It is for the extraction of sawdust or shavings, with the possibility of attaching a workshop aspirator or a removable bag.
  10. Support supports. It is very useful to support long pieces when they are cut to miter. They are removable to the desired size.

What are they used for? Confused, see this guide about wood splitters.

They are the ideal cutting tools for all types of woodwork, according to the cuts:

  • Straight cuts: to cut along friezes, floor slats, both wooden and laminated.
  • Miter cuts: for the realization of joints of angled pieces, such as frames, door frames, moldings, etc.
  • Bevel cuts: for the realization of certain friezes, for the union of pieces, for the realization of moldings.
  • Combined sections: for the construction of wooden beams and coverings for attics, for the realization of wooden structures in pergolas and arbors.

Dental extractions without pain are it possible?

Fear of the dentist is very common and occurs in people of all ages and for different reasons, being some of the most recurrent the fear of extractions, the horror of the drill, the sensation with the cold air applied to the teeth, pickets to anesthetize and some others. For this reason, dentists who offer dental extractions without pain, or some other procedure without discomfort, manage to arouse the interest of the patients, although in reality, they are common procedures. Usually, those who have a great fear of going to the dentist due to fear of pain, are people who have rarely visited the dentist, or who for some reason had some bad experience. At present, the extractions are carried out with techniques and instruments that cause minimal discomfort.

The specialist at the is the one who dictates, after a thorough review, whether an extraction is really required. Usually, it is about saving the affected piece at all costs, and the extraction is used when there is definitely nothing left to do. Among the reasons that occur most often to extract a tooth include:

  • Parts very deteriorated by caries, to the extent that part of them has been destroyed or have very deep damage. This is common indentures that have not received due attention thus allowing the advance of caries.
  • Periodontal disease: This condition, caused mainly by bacterial infection, causes problems in the gums and teeth causing the loss of teeth, which are loosening due to infection and can even damage the bone that supports the teeth.
  • Dental fractures below the gum line: This type of fracture occurs very frequently when the teeth develop in such a way that the maxilla does not offer enough space for the pieces to be aligned correctly. It is then when the pressure exerted by the same teeth causes fractures or strings that are imperceptible to the eye, which deteriorate over time until the piece is so damaged that it only remains to extract it.
  • Impacted pieces in a few words it is a tooth that did not finish leaving because it was completely blocked or a part of it. The most frequent case of impacted parts occurs in the so-called wisdom teeth.

A good dentist at before recommending the extraction, carefully analyzes the situation, evaluates the different alternatives and then explains to the patient the options he has, costs, advantages and disadvantages of each of them, so that he can make a decision. It should be noted that there are cases in which there are no alternatives and there is no more to extract the piece to avoid further complications.

In the case of the molars, the dentists that are at, after a particular evaluation of the case, can decide that the piece to be removed requires sectioning. This does not complicate the extraction, but quite the opposite since extracting section by section facilitates the procedure, avoids unexpected fractures and the patient suffers less discomfort. Once the piece has come out completely, either in one or several pieces, and that the dentist has verified that no remains were left in the hole, a cure is made. After the patient leaves the office he continues to require some subsequent care. The doctor will surely tell you when you should remove a dressing if you have placed one. It will also tell you about the correct way to clean your mouth to avoid risks of infection but without hurting the wound. Surely also recommend the type of food you can take, and of course some analgesic to avoid the pain that may arise once the effect of anesthesia has passed.