Fast internet connection for streaming HD movies


We all want fast internet connection experience despite what we are watching online. A buffering internet experience is the last thing on any user’s mind looking forward to an awesome online entertainment of videos files streaming. Some users would be willing to give anything to not just experience slow and unresponsive internet connection. Others would rather not watch anything at all but not endure slow internet torture.

When it comes to internet and streaming videos speeds, most movie sites such as and many more give a number of different suggestions showing how fast your internet download speed should be in order to stream high definition (HD) videos.

Internet speed relation to HD movies streaming

You may ask, what is the correct speed when it comes to HD video streaming? Or what is HD even to start with? What it means for a video to be HD (high definition) is that every single picture or image in your computer or TV screen has at least 720 lines of pixels that make up the image from top to the bottom. The upper lines of pixels for a HD image are 1080. That means that more lines of pixels crammed into the same physical space result to a more detailed image that you happen to see on the screen of your device.

What happens when the pictures start moving is that the speed at which the lines of pixels change between pictures determines whether you can be able to watch the video in high definition.

Factors that determine the possibility of viewing videos in HD

The following are a number of factors that determine the ability of viewing videos in high definition.

  • The device that you are using to view the videos. Whether you are using a mobile phone, a computer or a smart plasma TV screen to stream the videos, they should have capabilities of viewing HD videos. Your devices should therefore be the first things to check to determine if their specifications can handle continuous scan speeds of 720p which happens to be the least and the common rate for any video that qualifies to be HD. So next time you are struggling to watch that movie in HD and it is not working despite the site assuring you that they are of HD quality, it might be your device that is not cooperating.
  • The site you are using for streaming services. So now your device is HD compatible, what about the site you are streaming your videos from? You should check if the site is really streaming videos in HD or it is just stunts to get viewers traffic on the site for revenue benefits. This is usually the case in many illegal sites that do not necessarily get money from streaming videos but rather use videos as a trick to get viewers on the site. That does not mean that there are no legit sites with real HD quality videos experience. They mostly have different scan rates of 360p and 480p for most videos, and then the HD option.
  • Your internet connection. With all the above factors having been met, poor and unstable internet connection will be a letdown to your HD streaming experience. You should therefore ensure that your streaming session is accompanied with strong internet connection of high speeds and you will not be disappointed throughout the watching session. We shall look more into how much speed and bandwidth you may need for HD videos streaming.

Internet speed and bandwidth necessary for HD video streaming

Let me start by saying that when it comes to internet service providers; you may not always get what you have paid for in terms of internet speed as per their advertisements. For instance, your internet service provider may put you on a plan that suggests speeds of up to 30 Mbps down; when in real sense you are only getting speeds of 20 Mbps.

Some websites however provide free tests for uploads and downloads speed for your internet connection and that way you are able to know at what speed your internet connection is operating at. The plans provided by most ISPs are based on maximum value and browsing results are affected by peak web use times of the ISP, the distance from the fiber pipeline and lastly the number of people who are sharing your line.

Streaming HD videos will require you to have broadband speed that is capable of handling a continuous scan rate of 720p. With a HD capable screen refreshing the screen 60 times per second, video frames are received and are ready to play before they are even needed. All the incoming data is cached by your computer and video frames are queued for a smooth playback.

The size of the video file determines the speeds you will need in order to view it in HD and that depends on how the file is encoded. For instance if you are streaming a one hour long video and the file size is 6 GB, you can manage with a broadband connection of up to 15 Mbps for HD quality viewing. At times it could be that you are streaming your videos over the wireless network commonly referred to as Wi-Fi and what happens most of the times is that with a wireless router, the speed connection could drop in case the Wi-Fi standard is not fast enough.

In conclusion, for anything you do over your internet connection, you should be aware that your Internet Service Provider will slow down or even stop your service if you happen to get to a certain bandwidth. With that revelation, you can choose to stream with lower playback quality which is an option mostly available on most streaming sites such as, so that that way you are able to stay within the bandwidth threshold offered by your internet service provider even if it suggests that you give up the idea of HD video streaming.

Are you looking for the best water softener?

Do you know that there are many models? In such a case, it can be challenging to choose the best water softener. With so many brands and with manufacturers claiming their product to be the best, it remains a challenge to your decision.

It is on this account that we present to you, the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Review.


With the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener, you can eliminate the hard water that causes scale build-up on kitchen utensils. We know the effect if hard water that causes clogged sinks, high usage of soap and stains on clothes. By eliminating hard water, you will extend the life of your machines and plumping network.

The unit comes with high capacity and long life resin, and brine tank. Moreover, it accompanies SXT controller that offers some great features such as backlight LCD, 48-hour internal power backup, touchpad controls and a user-friendly interface fully supported by USB drive and test it. These components are very to connect and make your system work flawlessly.

The Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softeners come with digital enabled control linked to an informative display. It employs a flow meter to regulate the water passed through it. This is very important to save on wastages. To use this system is very simple.

Below are some of its top partaking features.

Top partaking features of Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softeners.

1.    Complete system

Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener is a complete system that comes with a tank, resin, control head and brine tank safety float. These components are enough to make sure that you get the safest water for your home or family

Furthermore, it accompanies a 2-test kit that you use while setting the system for your applications

2.    Metered for efficiency

The Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener accompanies a flow meter that can be used to measure the water flowing through the system. The meter is designed in a paddle wheel style that holds up better and causes less or no leaks when compared to the conventional turbine designs. This can enable you to estimate, plan and control the usage.

3.   Touchpad controls and LCD Digital display

With the LCDs, you will be able to read current system status and error codes for troubleshooting. Furthermore, with the simple to utilize touchpad controls, managing this system will not be a problem. You will quickly access control features and settings.

4.    Bypass valve and 1″ Yoke

Yes, you have been looking for the water softener that is easy to install and here comes one. The Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener accompanies a bypass valve with 1-inch yoke connection for easy in or out connections and serving ability.

5.    Installation

Even if you lack or have the basic plumping skill, installing this unit will not be a challenge. It will only take you something close to 2 hours to get the full system workable.

6.    USB and test kit

The Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener comes with USB drive having Video guide. Moreover, with the test kit, you can set your system and test for workability.

7.    Brine tank

The standard square brine tank that measures 14 by 34 implies you will be able to store water up to 250 lbs.

Pros-what we liked about it

Softens Hard Water – applying an ion exchange method. This softener eliminates the magnesium and calcium that are usually present in hard water.

Simple installation – even if you have basic plumbing skills, installing this system only requires 1-2 hours

High efficiency – comes with a High-efficiency resin and control head that prevents wastage

Very safe – The accompanying safety float takes care of overfilling.

Meter Based Regeneration – This water softener applies a meter based regeneration method. This implies that the water you consume is restrained and the system only regenerates when there is demand.

Cons-why it can suck

  • Not ideal for smaller families
  • Very expensive as it requires the buying of Salt pallets


If you have been looking for a full water softener system, the Fleck 5600SXT 48 water softener should be your resting point. With so many advantages that it comes with such as softening hard water that makes you use a lot of soap, clogged sink, kitchen utensils and stains on clothes. Buying Fleck 5600SXT, 48 water softeners will be a good investment.