Benefits and drawbacks of using SEO

Like most decisions we face every day, there are tradeoffs. What do we stand to gain v what do we stand to lose. Using SEO is no different here are some advantages and disadvantages of using SEO and a good seo company, knows that.

Advantages of SEO

High quality traffic: using SEO may result in high quality traffic heading to your website. High quality traffic differentiates from regular traffic in the sense that high quality traffic are looking for the services or goods you are offering as opposed to visiting your site by mistake. It could also be free traffic if the SEO is in-house and not pay-per-click (PPC).

Business growth: a successful SEO campaign will result in business growth due to the high quality traffic heading towards your site, with a significant number of them being repeat customers and seo company, will help you with that.

Increased visibility: a successful campaign will see your company getting more attention as search results will have them appearing close to the top. Even if the potential customer does not click on your website’s link the first time, a repeated query will eventually get the consumer’s attention.

Brand recognition: the repeated appearance of your website will result in your brand being recognizable. This recognition will build trust with the consumer as appearing often will give the impression of a trusted brand.

Increased ROI: a successful SEO campaign will result in an increase in the returns, as the high quality traffic to the site will result in more business, which will exceed the investment made in the SEO in geometric proportions.

Disadvantages of SEO

Results take time: the results usually take time as it involves indexing by search engines. It is not a quick fix, so if you need quick results or lack patience, it may not be the right fit for you.

Uncontrollable growth: if the campaign is very successful, it may cross into the realm of too successful. This may result in traffic your site cannot handle or orders they cannot satisfy. Either way, this will result in customers being upset with the service, resulting in them stopping their visits and even leaving bad reviews, which may take your site a while to recover from. You have to make sure you have the structure and personnel in place to deal with such outcomes.

Increased competition: a successful campaign will result in increased visibility. This increased visibility is not limited to consumers, rival businesses will also be aware and as a result, will step up their game. This result in them also investing in SEO and other forms of marketing, which will only drive costs up as you will try to outdo each other.

Black-hat agencies: an unsuspecting company can come across a black hat agency, one that uses unethical means to ensure results. They usually have good results at first, but your site will eventually be flagged by search engines, which will result in pushing your site’s ranking down and a good seo company, will never do this.

No guarantees: as with other business projects, there are no guarantees of great results. You cannot expect to be ranked number 1 anytime soon if at all as the competition may be stiff and your budget not large enough.

Well, the above are just some pros and cons of SEOs. It is up to you to determine what fits the needs of your business.

It’s actually a whole set of actions and activities that run on both the side of the page (on page optimization) and outside it. Therefore, it can be divided into optimization on the pages of the site, outside it and optimization. When the job of customizing a site for search engines on the pages itself ends, another job starts (off page optimization). This part of the job sessions can last for ever. It’s part of the job where webmasters (or SEO experts) are trying to get as many links to the site as possible. Ideally, they would get as many links from sites, blogs and directories with relevant topics and content.

The third part would be maintenance of optimization and site tracking, visit statistics, competition analysis. SEO can be compared with sports. If an athlete ceases to train for two or three months, when he returns, he will need time to reach the form he has. As Google and other search engines constantly change their algorithms, it is necessary to constantly monitor the latest trends that Internet browsers dictate to succeed in SEO site optimization. Maintaining optimization is as important as the first two items. In fact, all three are equally important. So get your website ready for seo and do well and get more traffic and more customers and also make more money.